Punjab Govt. Provides Relief to 75 Small Businesses


Earlier today, the Punjab government has provided relief to 75 different small businesses all over the province and has ignored professional tax, professional license, and vocational fee on all of them.

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As per the reports, the local government of Punjab has also issued a notification to implement the decision and all the local bodies across Punjab.

The small businesses which have been provided with relief include grocery shops, vegetable stalls, fruit vendors, welding shops, plumbers, milk sellers, barbers, butchers, ice cream parlors, restaurants flour mills, general stores, departmental stores, laundresses, chicken shops, cobblers, tailors, beauty parlors, cloth stores and a few more.

On the other hand, the KPK government has earlier launched a project which aims to up-grade and protect nine archeological sites in the province.

The Integrated Tourism Development Project has been launched in collaboration with the World Bank and the International Development Association in order to promote tourism in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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