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Punjab Govt. Notifies to Exempt Several Industries from Lockdown

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In a move to offer financial relief to the public, the government of Punjab has exempted several industries from the lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak, as per the reports of local media.

As per an issued notice, the medicines, auto parts, textile firms related to the leather-work and others have been exempted from the lockdown and have been permitted to work after they take the preventive steps.

Factories that are related to fruits, vegetables, meat and others are also given the permit to restore their operations.

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In the meantime, the process of distributing the financial aid to the less-privileged under the Imdad Programme of Punjab’s CM has begun and a sum of nearly Rs.1.50 billion has been transferred to 170,000 people.

CM Punjab, Usman Buzdar in his statement had said that the relief package offered by the government provides relief to the masses, it is not just a mere claim.

It is pertinent to mention that the government of KP on the 31st of March has given a general exemption to the textile export industry considering the significance of the foreign exchange in the economic viability of the country.

In the same way, the government of Sindh on the 24th of March had formulated a committee for resolving the issues of export-based units on a daily basis.

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