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Punjab Govt. Likely to Resume Business Activities Before Eid

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As per sources, the government of Punjab is likely to resume business activities before Eid. The provincial government is planning to ease the corona imposed lockdown.

As per sources, the businesses will be permitted to operate their businesses within a few days. Under the relaxation in restrictions on the movements, the chain, and the retail industry will also be granted the permit to operate.

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They said that all the needed preventive protocols are being taken for curbing the spread of the virus after the business operations are resumed.

It is important to mention that it is necessary to abide by the standard SOPs for keeping the economy of the country in shape. Shibli Faraz, the Minister for Information on Sunday said that Pakistan cannot afford a complete lockdown owing to the corona pandemic.

He said that we encourage such a lockdown where people are barred from gathering at public places and at the same time the economy wheel keeps turning.

He said that it is sad to see that the government was criticized over its strategy to impose smart lockdown. The minister further added that the utmost priority of the government is to ensure the well-being of the labor class.

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