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Punjab Govt. Asks Centre to Ban Exports of Onions and Red Chillies

Ban Exports of Onions and Red Chillies

The government of Punjab has asked the federal government to ban the export of onions and red chillies.

As per sources aware of the matter said that the government of Punjab has made this request considering the likely shortage in the months to come.

Previously, the incumbent government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had to face embarrassment in mid of the wheat and sugar crisis, after which a committee was formed under the Director-General of FIA to perform an investigation on the matter.

According to sources after the request of the government of Punjab, PM Khan has asked the Ministry of National Food Security and Research to investigate the matter and take the needed steps within one week so that the situation could remain under control.

The Prime Minister Office has asked the ministry to form on an immediate basis another post of “additional secretary” for addressing the current challenges.

It is important to mention that the Ministry of Food has remained unaware for the last 10 years, especially after the devaluation of the agriculture matters to provinces. Presently, just one additional secretary was working in the ministry.

As per sources, besides more hirings, the PM Office has also asked the ministry to form a dedicated cell that could predict on time future demand and supply situation of the essential food items.

In the meantime, the sources said that the PM Office has asked the Interior Ministry as well as the provincial governments to draft a national action plan for addressing the challenges of food adulteration.

The plan would be focusing initially on 5 items which are spices, pulses, milk, cooking oil and water.

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