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Punjab Govt. Allows to Open the Cattle Markets

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For keeping a continuous meat supply chain during the current lockdown in the province of Punjab, the provincial government has permitted to open the cattle markets, which includes the one at Shahpur Kanjran in Lahore.

Since the notification that was issued by the provincial government about the lockdown has not included the cattle markets among the essential service providers, the districts’ deputy commissioners had not permitted the cattle markets to operate, and this has led to meat shortage in the province.

Jazib Saeed, the Lahore Division Cattle Market Management Company Manager said that it impacted on the Shahpur Kanjran cattle market of Lahore that was opened on Wednesday after getting special permission. He also said that however, it got a very small count of animals for sale, which led to a decrease in slaughtering in the provincial capital and led to meat shortage in the city.

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He also indicated that on Wednesday the cattle traders from the nearby areas only reached Shahpur Kanjran market on the main day of its operation, hence the business volume remained comparatively low.

He said that enough number of animals were not available on Wednesday for the butchers to meet with the city demand.

He further said that similarly, the animal slaughtering at the Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company managed slaughterhouse at Shahpur also remained less than usual.

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