Punjab Government To Launch Ropeways Transport System

Roads on ground, underground, through rails and now in air Pakistani government loves to come up with transport projects. This is proven by yet another project to bring new and distinct change in easing mobility in Punjab province. Punjab government is set to launch ropeway transport system in the province. Working in collaboration with an International Company the government is set to install ropeway transport system from Jehangir’s Tomb to Greater Iqbal Park, Imamia Colony to Railway Station, from Islamabad to Murree and from Jallo Morre to Thokar Niaz Baig.

Let’s look at few advantages of this project


  • Solve transport issue without creating more traffic problems as its in air
  • Transport heavy materials in short distance
  • Few environmental hazards
  • Cheap Capital cost

Crucial Facts:

  • Upcoming Elections 2018, and this project, quite a timing
  • International company willing to work on the project, so yet another loan?
  • With lack of education, poverty, no electricity, no proper health facilities in the country, transport can easily be called the most needed department to work on yet again!
  • Expensive initial investment

This is clearly not the first transport related project by Punjab Government. From Metro bus to android application RASTA for traffic control, to E-ticketing system for traffic regulation our government is obsessed with transport related projects.

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Also yet another foreign company’s involvement in the project makes one wonder whether we are so dependent on international aid for development? Can’t we work on one mega project on our own, relying on our own resources and trusting our own people. Some points to ponder!

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