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Punjab government increases property tax by 10 percent

The government of Punjab has increased the property tax by 10 percent across the province it was unveiled yesterday.

According to the reports on local media, the government has issued a notice to increase the property tax rate by 10%, the secretary Punjab has issued a notification in which he addressed residents who pay taxes till December 31 will be given a discount of 5 percent.

The director Excise has directed 23 excise inspectors that are working currently in all four zones to collect Rs500 million until December 31 in form of taxes.

Because of the given target, the excise department is giving the rebate of 5 percent to complete the target well before time.

The property tax collection process was suspended four months ago which has been resumed again to collect taxes after government orders to do so.

Now the property owners across the province of Punjab will pay 10 percent extra tax on their respective properties.

The new government comes with strict taxation policies in the country, the government has announced Rs182 billion additional taxes in customs and regulatory taxes earlier in October. Yesterday it was also reported that mobile phone users will have to pay taxes on phone cards again.