Punjab Government Imposes a Ban on Leaves for its Officials and Teachers – Research Snipers

Punjab Government Imposes a Ban on Leaves for its Officials and Teachers

Punjab government’s Services and General Administration Department has banned officials holding important posts from taking any leaves from now on. Also, Punjab Director Public Instructions (Colleges) have asked the teachers not to apply for leaves during Summer Vacation as Pakistan’s General Elections are nearing.

As the present government is nearing the end of its tenure, this ban has been placed on the officials and the teachers. The aim is to make sure that the government workers are available on work all the time.

The ban is imposed with immediate effect and till May 31st no leave is being accepted.

The order issued to the teachers’ states, “ The sanctioning process of all kinds of leaves for staff should be discouraged during summer vacations in the wake of the general elections 2018. This is to ensure the working strength of staff assigned for election duties.”

Adding, “Therefore, all kinds of leaves, and particularly ex-Pakistan leave, during summer vacations, be restricted which can ispo facto hinder the smooth conduction of the general elections 2018 due to a lack of staff.”

But as per the reports circulating important officials like Secretary Agriculture Muhammad Mahmood and Lahore Police Deputy Inspector General Operations Haider Ashraf are already on a leave.

As per sources Services and General Administration Department is receiving leave applications from different government officials and the number is just increasing. But they are being asked to remain on duty till all the tasks for the upcoming elections are completed efficiently.

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Punjab Professors and Lecturers Association (PPLA) President Hafiz Abdul Khaliq believe that the order from the government requires more clarification as college lecturers are already on duty during summer vacations. He said, ” For an ex-Pakistan leave, instructors planning to perform Umrah should be exempted.”