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Punjab Government decides to Reopen Cinemas and Theatres from August 10th


The Punjab Government announced on Thursday that all restrictions imposed on the business sectors will be lifted up by the end of this week. Especially, the public places like theatres and cinemas will reopen for the public from the 10th of August.

The government made a list of all those businesses where there was a higher risk of the spread of the virus. The theatres and cinemas were on that negative list. The entire cinema and theatre fraternity appreciated the move but they also asked the government to compensate for their losses they will face during the closure. Qaiser Sana Ullah Khan Chairman Theatre Action Committee asked the government to provide the industry with a little ease in the taxes.

Khan said that he is thankful to the government for taking this decision as the industry had faced a lot of losses in the last 5 months and some of the producers are now in terrible conditions. Hence he requested the government to offer relaxation of taxes for the industry for 2 years.

Khan further added that the government should also take an empathic approach towards the theatre community as the community showed complete cooperation during this crucial time and has suffered a lot. The community paid all taxes on time as responsible citizens.

Rashad Mahmood a senior actor said that the actors didn’t receive any financial support during the closure. Now the government should announce financial packages along with the reopening of the theatres and cinemas. Our government should also support the entertainment industry just like the other countries are doing.

Film Director Asma Butt said that reopening cinemas and theatres are not enough. Many of the people that are linked with this industry died due to poverty. The government should also release financial packages to support the artist community.

Chaudhry Ejaz Kamran Chairman of Pakistan Film Distribution Association appreciates the decision taken by the government and also said that the industry should step up and should plan the film releases professionally. Before the pandemic, there were many films set to be released. Now is the time the industry should sit together and plan out the release dates.

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