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Punjab Government Cracking Down On Profiteers

Punjab government district administration is getting hard on the businesses that do not follow price regulations and try to make as much profit as they want.

Small businesses and shopkeepers who tend to violate the Price Act are now being put behind the bars. In a recent row, district administration conducted several raids in the provincial capital to catch the culprits. On Wednesday, 632 shops were raided, around 42 shopkeepers were detained and 23 of them sent to prison for 3 days after the summary trial on the spot.

Price Control Magistrates in the district also filed 41 FIR’s against the businesses violating the laws in different police stations.

The administration challaned 22 shop owners apart from imposing fines worth Rs. 28,000. Deputy commissioner Sumair Ahmed Syed directed the officials to continue the crackdown against the profiteers and hoarders.

The development is welcomed by the civilians who face exploitation and charged with money more than the actual price of the product. Profiteers must regularize themselves professionally, legally and ethically to promote harmony in the country.