Punjab Government Bans Use of Mobile Phones for Teachers in Public & Private Schools

mobile ban

A ban has been imposed on mobile phone usage for teachers in the schools of Punjab. The Punjab government has banned phones for teachers in public and private sector schools.

The school heads all over Punjab are directed to ban mobile phones for teachers. They will now be prohibited to carry out mobiles phones in classrooms, labs and other academic places.

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All heads of schools will be informed about the new rules by the district education authorities. In the morning, during the assembly time, the teachers would have to give their smartphones to the school administration.

The reason for this ban as written in the letter issued to the school heads states that mobile phone is a distraction. It creates disturbance for the students. Thus the administration of the school should provide landline number through which teachers and students can contact in case of any need.

In October 2018, a similar ban was imposed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa schools. Now it must be noted that teachers have not approved of this decision as they feel that mobile phones are helpful in conducting research work during the lectures. If they are taken it will negatively affect the lecture deliverance.

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