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Punjab Forms Drinking Water Authority

drinking water authority

On Sunday a handout was issued by the Governor House which mentions about the formation of a drinking water authority—Aab-e-Pak for providing drinking water to the people of the province of Punjab.

The handout reads that the governor Punjab had officially given approval to the formation of authority by signing the bill which was already approved by the Punjab Assembly. It further added that the governor would be a patron in chief of the authority.

As per the provided information, the governor signed the bill which was sent by the Punjab Assembly for the formation of the Aab-e-Pak Authority of Punjab.

The handout mentioned that the Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority would be giving clean drinking water to 110 million people of the province and it would be installing the water filtration plants throughout the province other than providing water filtration plants in hospitals, jails, and universities.

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In the meantime, Muhammad Sarwar—the Governor has said that the authority would be providing clean drinking water to the people of Punjab, he added that 80percent people are deprived of the blessing of clean drinking water and 11lac people in the province of Punjab die annually owing to drinking contaminated water.

He said that the current government would give relief to the people by providing them safe and clean drinking water. He claimed that 2lac people visit the Children Hospital because of the water-borne diseases.

The governor also added that 50percent people were admitted to hospitals because of the water-borne diseases.

He concluded by adding that they would provide clean drinking water to the people of Punjab.

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