Punjab Food Minister Resigns Due To Wheat Crisis – Research Snipers

Punjab Food Minister Resigns Due To Wheat Crisis

Food Minister Punjab Samiullah Chaudhry resigns from the ministry following the wheat crisis. “For the past few days, I have been charged with baseless allegations for not doing reforms within the department, which led to my voluntary dismissal from the ministry, I announce,” the minister said in a statement.

Food Minister Punjab Samiullah Chaudhry forwarded his resignation to Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, saying that he was ready to present himself for accountability at every forum, till I prove me innocent. I think, currently, I do not qualify for this post, Mr. Chief Minister, and Imran Khan is ready to sacrifice such thousands to fulfill the agenda, he wrote in his resignation.

Punjab Government Allowed 8 Industries To Resume Operations

The decision came after the initial inquiry report regarding fabricated sugar and the wheat crisis was published, PM Imran Khan vows to take strict action against the culprits and food minister Punjab showed his courage and willingness to bring the responsible people to justice.

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