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Punjab Food Authority Failing to Stop Chemically Contaminated Milk

Punjab Food Authority failing to stop chemically contaminated milk from distribution. This milk is raising diseases among the children.

Punjab Food Authority Must Take Action

In a recent media report, the Punjab Food Authority has failed to stop the distribution of chemically imbalanced milk.

The report highlighted that hazardous and chemically contaminated milk is being sold out at the shops in the province. The use of such dairy products is causing the spread of hazardous diseases among the masses.

The report also informed that raw milk is being supplied in an extraordinary quantity to Faisalabad than its potential. It shows that chemical is being used to increase the thickness and quantity of the milk being supplied to the shops.

Lack of cleanliness of the utensils has also raised severe questions on the supply of milk and it has become a major source of diseases among children.

The report was formed by ARY News and warned that if necessary action was not taken, it could have severe implications on the health of the masses.

The matter of distributing chemically contaminated milk in the country is not new. A few months back, another report was formulated highlighting that 70% of the loose milk sold in Punjab is poisonous.

This is an alarming situation demanding quick and smart action from the Punjab Food Authority.

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