Punjab Food Authority crackdown on energy drinks starts from Tuesday

energy drinks

The deadline from Punjab Food Authority (PFA) ends today, the organization has decided to crackdown against energy drinks from tomorrow Tuesday with the beginning of the New Year 2019.

According to the details the PFA had given warnings to manufacturers to change the packing of their products, the filed officers have been directed by the provincial food watchdog that any product labeling “Energy” must be discarded from the market. The regulator had given the deadline till December 31 to the manufacturers.

The regulator had banned the energy drinks from April 2018 and directed all manufacturers and distributors to dump their stocks and remove products from the market, as per the guidelines the companies cannot print the word “Energy” on the labels, by law the companies are obliged to print “high in caffeine” on their products.

The representatives of some popular companies approached the regulator and requested an extension in the deadline but the regulator has out rightly rejected their requests, the companies representatives met PFA Director General Capt. (retd) Muhammad Usman a week ago for this purpose.

The Director General PFA said that the regulator is not going to extend the deadline rather it would launch a massive campaign against the breaches after December 31, no one can sell the energy drink on the market after December 31.

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The Food authority has also banned some manufacturers from airing deceptive advertisements on the television; the director general said the action is taken against the wrong labeling and misleading advertisements in Punjab. It would be necessary for all the manufacturers to get approval by the authority before airing the TV commercials or any other form of advertisements regarding the content of the promotion in order to avoid any deception and mislabeling. According to the research studies, caffeine in low to moderate amounts are safe to consume for most people but it could be hazardous to health in some cases, Tribune reported. Higher amounts of caffeine have dangerous side effects on health including sleeplessness, nervousness, and jitteriness. Higher amounts on daily caffeine intake more than 1000mg could develop other medical conditions in users.

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