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Punjab Education Foundation decides that Students will not get Failed until Class 8

Punjab Education Foundation has introduced a new policy for partner’s schools. The schools cannot fail students from Nursery to class one. Then from Class 2 to Class 8, the schools can fail just 5% of students, and that too if badly necessary. Otherwise, all students from Nursery to Class 8 have to be promoted to the next standard.

The new policy Promotion and Demotion 2018 – 2019 is now implemented. As per the new policy, an authority will be established to ensure no negligence is seen in the subject matter. The authority has to make sure that from Nursery to Class 8, schools do not fail students without a very valid reason.

All the schools have been issued notice by Punjab Education Foundation. If the school does not follow the guidelines as issued an action will be taken against them. The aim of Punjab Education Foundation is to allow students to learn without worrying about whether they will pass the papers or not. This will bring real change in the education system of Pakistan and it will create ease in the lives of parents & students.

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The times we live in, education has become more of a burden rather than learning. The courses, syllabus, teaching methodologies have become difficult & all the tension lies on the shoulders of young kids. They study desperately not to learn, but just to pass the exam. The summer vacations go by, thinking just that whether they will pass the exams or not. So much tension, pressure & nervousness leads just towards a negative outcome. If unfortunately, a student fails, he feels disappointment, shame & ultimately he gets demotivated by the insult faced. So it was important & necessary for our education departments to take steps that motivate a child to learn. The pressure of pass or fail had to be removed to free the child. Thus this step has been taken & it needs to be appreciated.