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Punjab Education Department’s incompetency creating problems for students and teachers

Punjab education department allegedly ordered all schools in Punjab last month to start annual examination not later than 7th of February and finish it as soon as possible.

After the announcement by the education department Punjab, all schools in Punjab started preparing for the annual examinations, the preparations included planning for date sheets, syllabus, printing and distributing examination materials, organizing exams and much more.

Students also worked hard day and night to get most of their annual exams, however, all their efforts and hardwork seems to be going in vain as recently, education minister Punjab Dr. Murad Raas has issued a new order to all schools saying that, “The exams schools have already conducted are pre-annual exams and the actual final term will start by March 15.” A local school teacher told RS-NEWS.

This means the schools in Punjab will have to take another final term examination starting from March 15.  

There are so many questions rising on the progress and competence of education department after this development. First of all, who gave the order to start annual examinations before January 7 at the first place? Secondly, if the examinations have already been conducted why there is a need for re-conducting examinations after March 15? Do the teachers and students have the stamina to do the job from scratch once again? Is it okay to spend the department’s budget twice?

And the last one, who is responsible for all this mess? PTI government should take a strict action on the department and their attitude towards education; it is not only wasting energy, but also government resources, time and other priorities.