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Public Transport reopens in Baluchistan


Public transport in Baluchistan resumes once again as there has been a long closure in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

On Sunday, an official announcement has been made by the Government of Baluchistan regarding the resumption of public transport in the province.

As per the observation, the SOPs (standard operating procedures) given out by the government are not being followed properly. Transporters and passengers are violating the SOPs.

Passenger are not being scanned. Nobody is maintaining social distance.

Inter-District and inter-provincial are allowed to travel under strict observance of the SOPs provided by the government.

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According to the notification which released on Sunday, asked to make sure that the adjacent seat of every passenger traveling on the bus should be empty.

 Moreover, it read that all the buses must carry hand sanitizers inside the buses and coaches. Also, each and every passenger’s fever must be checked before they board the bus.

Any passenger detected with fever or seen without a face mask will not be allowed to commute.

If the SOPs are not followed and are seen to be violated, the transport system will have to face closure again for an extended period of time.

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