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Public Holiday Announced in Pakistan on February 5th 2018

Kashmir Day is observed each year on February 5th  in Pakistan as a protest against Indian control over part of Kashmir.

Ahsan Iqbal the Interior Minister of Pakistan has confirmed that there will be a public holiday on 5th February 2018. This is as per a notification that was issued on 10th January. So all the government, semi-government institutions will be closed on this day. As 5th February will be on Monday, thus people can have a long weekend ahead.

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The aim of the holiday is to show Pakistan’s support, care, and unity with Indian-occupied Kashmir people. Pakistani’s observe holiday to tell the Kashmiris that they are with them in their struggle for freedom and to pay respect to the Kashmiri martyrs who lost their lives in this fight for Kashmir’s freedom. Since 1990, on this day a holiday is observed in Pakistan.

Kashmir Day is observed by people all over Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK). It is a day recognized globally and people especially Kashmiris have utmost importance for this day. There are special prayers on this day in mosques for the freedom of Kashmir and protests are carried out all around the country against the Indian oppression endured by Kashmiris.

Kashmir Day has special political importance in Pakistan and AJK.  Religious parties organize rallies, conferences, seminars on this day and political leaders, experts and important figures take part in them and address the people. They speak to the masses in full support for Kashmir freedom. In protests, people chant slogans to show their solidarity with Kashmiri people.

Does it make an impact? Has there been any progress towards Kashmir freedom? Do rallies and meaningless speeches have any effect? Not yet. But let’s not lose hope and keep trying and playing our roles in bringing ease in lives of Kashmiri people.