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PUBG Game Is Not Opening Any Time Soon: Chairman PTA


Chairman PTA General R Amir Azeem has said that the PUBG game is not likely to be opened immediately at present, adding that the PUBG management is not cooperating with the government of Pakistan.

According to the details, YouTube Vloggers met Chairman PTA General R Amir Azeem on the issue of ban and regulation on social media platforms. Prime Minister’s Focal Person for Social Media Arsalan Khalid also participated in the meeting and the Rules were consulted.

Gen (retd) Amir Azeem said that the court decisions are fully respected and will be implemented. Complaints were being received from various quarters regarding the PUBG game. Punjab police raised the issue of suicide of minors. If this continues, you may be sued.

He said that social media companies have neither offices nor representatives in Pakistan, in case of non-cooperation the closure of the website remains the last option, not only in favor of the ban on social media but also seek cooperation within the ambit of the law.

Chairman PTA said that the Supreme Court only expressed reservations regarding YouTube which was correct, the High Court did not order the closure of YouTube, despite the clear instructions of the court, the YouTube administration did not cooperate with the authorities effectively.

Gen (retd) Amir Azeem said that a request was made to remove the anti-judicial link which was not acted upon. TikTok and Bego Live have started cooperating with the government and TikTok has removed 3.8 million links. He said that the best cooperation with the government of Pakistan has been from the Facebook administration, the least cooperation has been from YouTube and PUBG administration.

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