PTV will just represent the government

Naeem Bokhari

Naeem Bokhari, the newly appointed Pakistan Television (PTV) Board Chairman stated that the state television will just be a representative of the government.

Further stating that it is “not like any other channel”. 

According to the report, Bokhari stated this in response to the question of a reporter as to whether the government and the opposition will have “equal time” on PTV.

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He said, “Absolutely not. This is the PTV, not any other channel. This is state television which represents the government.”

“Only government?” asks the reporter. 

The PTV chairman said, “Only government.”

 Ministry of Information and Broadcasting via a notification announced that Bokhari is appointed an independent director and chairperson of the PTV. 

He is a known lawyer and a close confidant of the Prime Minister. He was a huge critic of the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif over the last couple of years.

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