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PTV to Operate Without the Interference of Information Ministry, Says PM


PM Khan has taken the decision of putting a complete end to the interference of the Information Ministry in the operations of PTV.

He took this decision during a meeting that was chaired by him. According to which all interferences are going to be stopped not only in the operations of Pakistan Television but also in the operations of Shalimar Broadcasting and Radio Pakistan.

And now only the PTV board will be allowed to make all decisions regarding the state-run television and the ministry will not be allowed to even review the decisions made by the PTV board. The channel itself will now run its administrative matters and as well as its financial matters.

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The PM only allowed the Ministry of information to provide the channel with editorial guidelines and policy.  Also the board of directors of PTV and Shalimar Broadcasting will also be merged.

On the other hand, as per the latest development, PEMRA has barred the anchorpersons from making TV appearances as experts on live shows.

As per the regulatory body, the role of the news anchors is to act as meditators and to remain unbiased in all situations.

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