PTV Going Through A Loss; Utility Bills Making More Money Than Advertisements

PTV, Loss in Revenues

The channel that started infotainment in Pakistan is going through a rough patch. It is surprising that the channel is earning more from the TV fees charged to the public compared to the advertisements that are placed in the channel. Recent statistics prove this as PTV’s income was only Rs3.4 billion from advertising and Rs5.5 billion from the utility bill.

The main reason behind the devastating condition of the channel is the change of government. Ever since PML-N came in to rule, the financial condition of PTV has just seen downfall.

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In addition to other resources the total income of PTV accounts for Rs9.7 billion, while the money needed to fulfill all the expenses is Rs11 billion, hence the loss of Rs1.6 billion is quite apparent.

How it will affect PTV

The effect of such situation is clear and visible. Going through a loss, PTV owes money to artists, writers, directors and journalists from all parts of the country. The 5000 employers of PTV are also suffering as PTV is going through a sensitive time.

As Senator Kamil Ali Agha state, it is high time that people are hired on merit. Moreover, those who are sitting on high positions in the channel, eating huge salaries and doing nothing should be eradicated. The step for the survival of the channel should be taken soon enough, before all the pillars of the building fall down.

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