PTV Channel for National Assembly Live Coverage will be Launched soon

Marriyum Aurangzeb Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting informed that for the live coverage of the National Assembly and Senate session the new PTV channel will be launched very soon.  She said this while answering to the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting questions.

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She said that there were questions raised as to whether PTV is state’s channel or of a specific party thus it is important for her to clarify that PTV had shown live parliament session and speeches of opposition party members as well.

Furthermore, she clarified that different members of all parties are invited in PTV’s current affairs program, thus the channel is not just for one specific party.  The data is available which shows that all party officials discuss politics on different programs part of the channel.

Marriyum also praised the Ramadan transmission of PTV. She said that in 2017 the Ramadan Transmission at PTV was successful because it was telecasted after a strict editorial review. People used to watch it because it was decent and maintained the decorum of the Holy Month.

Talking about PTV AJK Marriyum said that the channel covered AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan content and it has helped reduce the negative propaganda by India.

She claimed that PTV Bolan, PTV National, and PTV AJK are boosting Pakistani culture, language, customs, and tradition. As per Marriym PTV has also kept its credibility and worked with responsibility and honesty for the people of Pakistan keeping in mind the country’s basic values and believes.
Marriyum feels that PTV’s popularity is not declining. She believes that PTV Global is seen by people around the world. From foreigners to locals every one watches PTV World and Global. She praised Secretary Information Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera and his team for improving PTV content overall.

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