PTI to invest $2 billion in IT sector according to PTI digital Policy 2018

Pakistan IT Export

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) announced that if it is elected to power the party will spend $2 billion in the IT sector in the next five years. The aim will be to boost export, create job opportunities for youngsters and fight corruption.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan said, “PTI’s digital policy will transform Pakistan into a knowledge economy, making the IT sector the top contributor to Pakistan’s exports and job creation.”

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Adding, “Like neighboring India, Pakistan will boost IT exports to increase government earnings. Above all, investment in IT will ensure transparency and efficiency, the tools needed to fight rampant corruption.”

Asad Umar who is a former MNA said that Pakistan’s economy is worsening with ever-increasing debt. He claimed that Pakistan is losing almost $2bn per month.

He said, “According to the Planning Commission, some two million youngsters enter the job market. It is the government’s responsibility to create opportunities where talented individuals can find work. PTI’s digital policy is the answer to these three problems.”

He informed that the policy is made in collaboration & discussion with IT industry experts and other stakeholders. He said that the focus of the policy is to improve education and the work ethics in the industry.

Umar feels that the IT sector has been ignored for more than 15 years.

Adding, “The IT sector was most neglected during the rule of the PPP, when it did not have an IT minister for five years. The IT sector suffered more when the previous PML-N government did not take ownership of the industry either. Imran Khan has pledged to lead the IT sector after coming into power.”

The objectives of PTI’s Digital Transformation Initiative is to

  • Minimize Compliance Burden on Businesses
  • Improve the revenue by raising tax net
  • Minimize corruption in government
  • Promote efficiency in citizen services

In the digital policy, PTI has planned 5000 scholarships for the students at known education centers. And the policy will also address issues related to agriculture and the national security.

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