PTI to Construct 5 Million Affordable Housing Units

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan is planning to construct 5 million housing units through Party’s National Affordable Housing Policy.

Under the policy made by ex-House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) chairman Zaigham Rizvi PTI will plan & build 5 million housing units in Pakistan that will be affordable and convenient.

Imran Khan talked about the PTI’s Housing policy at Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) House and said, “Pakistan’s biggest problem is unemployment. Pakistan has the second largest youth population after Yemen. Unemployed youth either leave the country to find employment elsewhere and those who are unable to leave get involved in unsocial activities. The youth that could have been a boon for the country has become a burden.”

He disclosed that Pakistan GDP’s growth rates have been lowest and he hoped that building 5 million houses in Pakistan will improve the growth and provide employment opportunities to the people.

He said,  “The target of constructing five million houses is not simple, it’s very difficult. We are challenging ourselves with this great target. When we planned to grow one billion trees, nobody believed us. It was an arduous task. We had to fight the timber mafia and 10 forest guards were also martyred. But we achieved a milestone as different agencies across the world have accepted and praised our achievement.”

Adding, “This time our fight would be against the bureaucracy that obstructs the process for builders to establish their projects in order to draw monetary incentives.”

Khan informed, “I have a friend in England, who is a top builder there. I have also asked him to help us in our endeavors.”

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As per Imran Khan, the economy of the country is worsening with the devaluation of the rupee against dollar, inflation, & ever-increasing debt. Khan believes that it has been going down for the last 10 years.

He said,  “We have to change ourselves if we want to come out of this crisis.”

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