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PTI, The Richest Political Party of Pakistan

Richest Political Party

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf—PTI is the richest political party of Pakistan with approximated assets of Rs316million, as indicated by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The ECP unveiled the assets of 81 political parties of the country on Tuesday.

As per the documents, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz party is the second richest political party with assets worth Rs250million.

After PML-N on the third spot comes the Pakistan People’s Party—PPP with bank balance more than Rs160million.

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The political party that is ranked the lowest in the list is the Awami Muslim League with Rs38,000 in assets.

As per the latest updates the Sindh High Court—SHC has moved against the decision of increasing the prices of petroleum products. The SHC has asked for a reply from the petroleum ministry and other related authorities over the most recent hike in the petroleum products prices.

The concerned authorities have been asked to submit their response as soon as by May 16.

The opposition party leaders are also against the hike in the prices of petroleum products. One opposition Senator referred to this hike as a bomb on the public.

People are also disappointed and concerned about this price hike. Petrol and other related products are the essential commodities for the ones who have to travel daily for reaching their offices and other places of work. This indeed is bad news for the public.

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