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PTI Official Website Hacked

“Pak Cyber Attackers” have hacked PTI official website. Yet again, the website has been hacked by hackers and a message was left for Imran Khan, PTI Chairman. The hackers named themselves ‘Hunter Gujjar’, and the message they left was  “whether or not tabdeeli is witnessed in Pakistan; the website has definitely experienced a tabdeeli.” So quite clearly the hackers were making fun of Imran Khan’s slogan about ‘Tabdeli’.

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Furthermore, they said that ‘(PTI Chairman) should really let (us) know when the country will actually witness a change.”

Before this PTI website was hacked by a group calling themselves ‘Voice of Pakistan; Death Adders Crew’. It was hacked after Ayesha Gulali accused PTI Chairman Imran Khan and put forward her allegations against him. The party was criticized for disrespecting women and the message posted was

“We don’t need new Pakistan, we need our old Pakistan, Pakistan Zindabad.”

The hackers further said that they are not followers of any party, but their vote will never be for Imran Khan.

So history has repeated itself and its high time that those who run these websites make them more secure and safe. Not just PTI website, other government websites are also running on old software modules, which allows any hacker to hack them and defame the website. PTI is one of the leading political parties in Pakistan, they need to put some time and effort on their social website and make them more secure from any such future attacks and breaches.

Now at the moment, PTI official website is redirecting to a YouTube video of PTI Jalsa. This is to make sure that the people are unable to see the hacked PTI website. It seems that the website will soon be back but hopefully with some lessons learned.

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