PTI MNA George Clement Dies Of Coronavirus: Fake News Alert

Fake news Coronavirus

George Clement, the central president of the PTI’s minority wing, has died. According to details, Central Secretary-General and Member National Assembly Jay Prakash Lohana has expressed grief over the death of George Clement.

He said that George Clement had met with an accident on the motorway on his way to Faisalabad four days ago. He was shocked to hear of his death.

Jai Prakash Lohana said that George Clement was a dynamic political leader and an asset of the party, who worked hard to organize the minority community under the banner of PTI.

He further said that George Clement’s services to the party will always be remembered. He has been a member of the National Assembly twice and played an important role in drafting the PTI constitution.

Jai Prakash also said that the death of George Clement is a great loss to the PTI, especially the minorities, the services of George Clement will always be remembered. However, some news sources like 24 NewsHD claim that he died of Coronavirus which is totally fake and a lie, the misinformation regarding the deaths due to Coronavirus has been on the rise on social media and now even on mainstream media’s internet wing. There is no credibility of 24-News headlines that he died of Coronavirus.

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