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PTI Minister Assures a Solution for Medicine Price Hike in Few Days

medicine price hike

Aamir Mehmood Kianai—the Federal Minister for National Health Services has assured that a solution for medicine price hike would soon be provided.

While addressing media on Sunday the minister said that an industry whose export was half a billion dollars is now $200million.

He said that the countrywide crackdown is being launched against the surge in medicine prices keeping a strong eye on the ground reality. He added that the exports of medicines had decreases to a great extent while the production yield of the industry has also reduced by 10percent.

The minister said that action has been taken against 37 firms and their production of medicines has been stopped owing to the continuous rise in the value of dollars, a surge of 9percent and 15percent was made in the prices of the medicines.

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He warned of action against firms charging more than the fixed prices, adding that their licenses would be annulled.

He added that the arbitrary surge in the prices of life saving drugs was not acceptable and said that courts are being contact against such firms.

Kiani said that Pakistan produces nearly 45,000 various types of medicines and urged the doctors to understand the significance of their profession as no attention has been given to this profession earlier.

He informed that his government is fully aware of those firms that had raised the prices and action would be taken against them.

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