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PTI Launched ‘Pencil with Seeds’ Campaign in Karachi

On Sunday, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf distributed ‘Pencil with Seeds’ among the school children of Karachi as part of the Imran Khan’s drive of a ‘Million Tree Tsunami‘ in the city of lights.

This initiative is a creative one and the overall concept encourages the young children towards plantation. The rubber part of the pencil has a degradable capsule that holds a seed of either cucumber or brinjal or lady finger or spinach or coriander inside it.

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A test run of the ‘Pencil with Seeds’ was conducted by PTI, under the supervision of Dr Arif Alvi in the Qamrul Islam School Punjab Colony NA247 PS111 in the girls’ section. Boys section was covered later.

Dr Arif Alvi took it to Twitter to express and share the responses of children. As per his tweet, the children were excited and responded well to the need for plantation, pollution and global warming.

In his previous tweet, he had announced about the PTI Chairman—Imran Khan to officially launch the pencil.

The Million Tree Tsunami is a campaign for inspiring, challenging and mobilizing the citizens of the port city to plant trees for making it a much cleaner, healthier and greener city.

On the other hand, the previous year, the PTI-led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa contributed to the environment by adding three-quarters of a billion new trees, as part of the ‘Billion Tree Tsunami’ targeted at countering the worsening forest loss.

Billion Tree Tsunami was aimed at turning around deforestation and for increasing the KP’s forested area by at least two percent.

The project got so popular that the federal government has now launched its own ‘Green Pakistan Programme’.

The programme’s aim is to plant hundred million trees throughout the country over the span of next five years.

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