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PTI Confirms Imran Khan’s Marriage Proposal to Bushra Maneka

After the much-created drama on the matter of Imran Khan’s third marriage, finally, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has broken the silence on the issue, saying that the chairman has not married yet but has sent a proposal to Bushra Maneka.

Bushra is a fifty-year-old lady and has been the spiritual mentor of the PTI chief, as per the statement released by the PTI it is mentioned that the said lady has asked for some time to take her family members consent before finalizing any decision.

The statement further stated that if Bushra and her family accept the proposal then PTI-Chief Imran Khan would himself be making a public announcement until then it is requested that the media should respect his privacy.

The whole third marriage chaos started when a local newspaper published a news relating Khan’s third marriage.

The news printed claimed that the marriage took place in Lahore on the 1st of January and was attended by some including Awn Chaudhry, Naeemul Haque, Mufti Saeed, Zulfi Bokhari (Khan’s friend) and a British Pakistani businessman.

The PTI-chief was continuously asked by the media to shed some light on the matter, but he refrained from commenting due to some reasons. However, other PTI leaders in their own personal capacity either rejected the news or called it a private matter.

Awn Chaudhry—Khan’s Political Secretary was who also a witness to the signing of the marriage papers as per reports denied the news and tweeted calling the whole issue as “irresponsible yellow journalism.”

Naeemul Haque did not provide any public comment on the matter.

Back in 2017, a local newspaper published a report saying that Imran Khan privately visits a remote town in Sahiwal and stays there for a few hours—which is the residence of his hosts belonging to some impactful Maneka clan with whom Khan is to said to have some spiritual connection.

The report further mentioned that the PTI chief meets some ladY Bushra Bibi there, commonly known as Ms Pinki in that area for spiritual guidance.

However, one of Bushra’s sons denied the news relating the occurrence of marriage.

Imran Khan has married twice but none of the marriages worked. A few months earlier in response to a question relating third marriage he had replied in a humorous way that he is in rush to complete his marriages’ hat-trick.

Bushra is a mother of five and met the PTI chief shortly after the 2015 by-elections in Lodhran for the seat of NA-154.

According to sources she is of fifty years and is a member of influential Wattoo family in the Pakpattan district of Punjab.

She has recently taken divorce from her former husband Khawar Farid Maneka—son of an ex-federal minister Ghulam Farid Maneka.

Two of her sons are abroad acquiring higher education and her eldest daughter is the daughter-in-law of Mian Atta Muhammad Maneka—MPA Punjab.

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