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PTDC Efforts Ensured Visa for Group Tourists on Arrival

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) is trying all that it could do for promoting the tourism industry in Pakistan. Due to the efforts made by the PTDC, the government of Pakistan has permitted group tourist visa upon arrival for the tourists belonging to different countries which include the United States and the United Kingdom as informed by the PTDC—Managing Director—Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan.

He said that PTDC has successfully arranged the facility of Tourist Visa on arrival for the tourists who come to Pakistan from abroad. The Managing Director said that the higher authorities of the present government are all inclined and motivated to promote tourism in the country.

The tourists would be provided with multiple entry thirty-day visas. The visit to Pakistan would be required to be planned or organized via a specified tour operator. The tour operator would be needed to provide the tourist documents to the FIA Immigration Office with an obligatory undertaking.

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Business visas on arrival would also be given to the citizens of sixty-eight countries.

The previous month, the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation contacted the concerned authorities for reviewing the visa policy for the tourists coming from abroad.

Chaudhry Ghafoor added that the focus in the year 2018 would be on overseas Pakistanis and foreign tourists. He said that the visa policy for the international tourists required a review for the facilitation of more tourists from throughout the world.

He mentioned that the civil aviation department has also been requested for providing places at all the international airports present in the nation to establish the “Tourism Information Desks”.

He also told that PTDC is also working on hiring the focal persons in big cities of Pakistan and coordinators for tourism in all the tourism-producing nations for increasing the ratio of visiting tourists to Pakistan, who would be working as a connection between the tourism departments and tourists.

Twenty-four nations including Finland, Denmark, China, Greece, Belgium, France, Austria, the United States and the United Kingdom are qualified for the new policy.

As per PTDC, the tourism sector is improving in the country. The number of international tourists travelling to the country has increased three times in 2016 as compared to the count of years before it.

The count of foreign tourists has tripled since 2013 to 1.75 million in 2016. There has also been a rise in the percentage of domestic travellers which has increased from 30 percent to 38.3 percent.

The Managing Director mentioned about the UNWTO Conference which was arranged by the PTDC and has helped in making a softer image of Pakistan throughout the world.

He added that the City Tour Bus Services for the federal capital has also been launched and is successfully operating.

The PTDC intends to introduce Chartered Flights and Helicopters for visiting the tourist destinations. The making of the Tourism Police on the pattern of New Zealand is also under consideration.

Ghafoor Khan also informed that PTDC would soon be signing agreements with Mauritius, Iran, Belarus and Uzbekistan for working in collaboration for the boost of the tourism industry in Pakistan.

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