PTCL Upgrades its 4MB Internet Package customers to 6MB for Free

Ptcl Internet Packages

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has upgraded its 4MB internet package to 6MB for free. So all the customers who were on the 4MB package have been upgraded to the new 6MB package, and that too without paying a penny for it.

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The PTCL 6MB package is called the ‘Behtareen Internet Ka Mix – PTCL 6’. Through this package, PTCL users can do the following

  •  Make unlimited PTCL to PTCL calls
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Digital quality Smart TV Service free of cost
  • Unlimited Access to iflix for a year
  • Smart Tv app for smartphones free of cost
  • Free Wi-Fi

The 6MB package starts PKR 2100 monthly.

PTCL has also upgraded its internet packages recently. On April 1st the new faster cheaper packages were introduced by PTCL. Earlier PTCL was offering high-speed DSL broadband packages in speed variants of 8MBs for PKR. 3,025, 12MBs for PKR 4,000, 16MBs for PKR 5,000, 20MBs for PKR 6,000, 30MBs for PKR 7,500, 50MBs for PKR 10,000 and 100MBs for PKR 20,000.

Now the new packages are offered in speed variants of 6MBs at PKR 2,100, 10MBs at PKR 2,499, 20MBs at PKR 2,999, 50MBs at PKR 4,500, and 100MBs at PKR 5,500. Comparatively the new prices are almost 50% less than the previous ones.

The new packages will not be automatically upgraded by PTCL. You will need to manually do it by either calling PTCL helpline 1218 or asking for a live chat session through PTCL facebook page.

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