PTCL Pakistan Internet Speed Back To Normal Now—Submarine Cable Fixed

Good News for All Pakistani especially PTCL internet users, the submarine cable IMEWE cable has been fixed according to PTCL. The latest speed test we have conducted on 2MB internet connection is giving 1.47Mbps of download speed which is good enough.

People faced slow internet browsing throughout Pakistan using PTCL internet since Friday night.

Fortunately, the problem has been fixed now, some people might still have some issues but it will be back to normal by tomorrow as there might be an extra load on the network due to unavailability of services earlier and people are sorting out their pending tasks.

PTCL slow internet speed caused many problems though, Islamabad International Airport was affected by this, eight flights were cancelled and passengers have gone through turmoil due to the systems down time.

Moreover, ATMs and internet banking gave people hard time as the services were also down.

But it’s getting normal now according to PTCL, you may try browsing now and hopefully, you will get enough speed to finish your desired tasks.