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PTCL Organized a Trail 5 Eco Friendly Hike

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Ltd. (PTCL) organized an eco-friendly hiking trip at Trial 5, Islamabad. Trail 5- Eco was a trip specifically for PTCL employees. The aim of the hike was to provide the PTCL staff with a physical activity and boost the attributes such as team building and participation & cooperation in groups. Furthermore, the PTCL hikers picked up trash on their way up, playing their minor yet essential role in protecting the environment. This goal of the hike was to promote PTCL’s One Family environment and to urge the importance of health and healthy activities in life.

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A huge number of PTCL employees belonging to different age groups joined the hike with immense interest and passion. And yes women were definitely a part of the hike.

People inhabiting in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are privileged with amazing sites, mountains, and hills perfect for hiking. But people who travel towards the serene areas of Pakistan do not give importance to garbage and create a lot of trash in the locality. They do not realize that they are harming the beauty of nature. So the activities like PTCL ecofriendly hike give awareness to the people and highlight the importance of keeping our environment clean.

Muhammad Wajid, EVP, Admin, PTCL, said, “PTCL gives priority to the health and well-being of its employees. Clean and healthy environment positively impacts our everyday lives immensely. Today’s activity is an effort to contribute to making our city Islamabad more beautiful and our employees healthier with their active participation for the cause.”

Hiking is not restricted to any class, society, gender or age. It is a healthy activity enjoyed by all age groups belonging to any class or society. PTCL also welcomed all its employees for this activity, men, and women.