PTCL offers the slowest internet in Pakistan – Social Media Users – Research Snipers

PTCL offers the slowest internet in Pakistan – Social Media Users

PTCL is the leading internet provider in Pakistan. However, as per the Social media users, PTCL offers the slowest internet in Pakistan.

It is seen that on Twitter people have expressed their heart out against the internet provider, claiming through memes, words, pictures that PTCL internet is very slow.

In this article, we will share your tweets, the tweets of social media users and highlight your perspective about PTCL.

These are the top tweets that come on Twitter when your search the word ‘PTCL’.

“Disowning PTCL and adopting .”

Ptcl: hello to the slowest internet.”

“I’m about to burn my ptcl device”

“-Slow –Ptcl – Reply speed of my crush”

“Online games are not for PTCL users”

“When Bae calls you on WhatsApp but you have ptcl internet”

ptcl sucks”

“I’ve hated many people and things throughout my life. But my hatred for ptcl is unmatched.”

“Working from home. Thanks to that didn’t work at office!”

“And I deserve the network I pay for to actually work. But guess we can only fix what’s in our own immediate control. ”

Customers r less important to as its been several days Internet is not working but no action taken by .”

“Another row due to PTCL and its snail speed internet.”

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“Try zong, I have shifted to zong.Two opertors with the highest complain Telenor and ptcl”

you are full of incompetent pathetic and lethargic people just giving us mental stress and such a waste of precious time on u people…can anyone tell me what is RS issue.hello to the past…wake up PTCL”

This is the view of the majority of the people about PTCL. We are not sharing any statistics, internet speed or research-based data, the article is purely based on people expressing their views on Twitter.