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PTCL is bringing high speed reliable internet by upgrading to Fiber Cables

CEO of PTCL Dr. Daniel Ritz said that the biggest broadband internet service provider in Pakistan is undergoing a huge upgrade that will change the company and services it provides to the users.

He said, “We are upgrading our network with future-proof technology and replacing the under-ground cable with fiber and rehabilitating or laying new copper network as and where required.”

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So in simplest terms, the new transformation project by PTCL will bring high speed and reliable internet service for the customers.

Dr. Daniel Ritz informed, “We are reducing loop lengths, replacing old copper media with fiber till the multi-service access gateways (MSAGs), and then changing the copper with new high capacity copper or even with fiber — when there’s extremely high-speed demand– for renewed and enhanced end-to-end broadband service.”

Once the transformation process is completed FTTC MSAGs will be positioned with fiber connectivity from the exchanges and they will be present within 1.5km of every household.

Media of MSAGs will be upgraded to copper or fiber as per area and its demand.

What will change after the transformation?

Speed for FTTH customers 50Mbps and 100 Mbps as for Copper Customers it will be 8-20Mbps

It will offer

Almost 65% of PTCL revenue is generated from customers. Upgradation of PTCL and exchanges that have transformed have brought in 15% growth in revenue. Moreover, Dr. Ritz says, “Not only this, the customer complaints reduced by 30% for the exchanges that have been upgraded”.

So in short fewer complaints, more speed, high reliability, and the improved system seem to be the future of PTCL.

The CEO said, “This is an extensive project where thousands of KMs are to be upgraded with new media and hundreds of thousands of pairs are to be re-touched by someone manually.”

PTCL has welcomed almost 300 fresh youngsters in its PTCL Summit Program to bring a breath of fresh air in its system which is yet again a positive sign. It is also trying to improve customer feedback by more training of field staff, changes made as per complaints of users and finding solutions to customer issues.

With an upgrade of PTCL network, the future of the company seems promising. Customers will most likely increase and their complaints will be minimized.

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