PTCL Collaborates With ND2C To Introduce Designer Of The Year Competition

PTCL is introducing Live design challenge in collaboration with National Digital Design Conference (ND2C). It is an opportunity for designers to participate in a competition and win 0.75 million in cash prize. 5 designers will be selected and then they will compete for the top position in front of the best design experts and stakeholders.

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So there is an eligibility criterion to participate in the competition. Candidate must be 18 years old or above. The participant must submit 2 projects that highlight their strength. The project can fall in the category of Graphic Design, Advertising, Video, Animation, App, Website, Print, and publication. There must be appropriate licenses, rights to the copy, type, images, ideas, videos, music, sounds etc. by the participant. Every requirement must be fulfilled within the deadline.

The ND2C Live Design Challenge is the Hunger Games for Pakistani Designers.Powered by PTCL in collaboration with Indus…

National Digital Design Conference 发布于 2017年9月18日

Now what will happen is that five candidates will be shortlisted. Three days before the start of the competition candidates will receive an Information Packet with a prompt. On the first day, candidates will present their design to the mentors. On the second day, candidates will continue to improve their project. They will be asked to defend their project by the end of the day.   The winner will be chosen then and presented Designer of the Year Title.

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