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PTA Upgraded its Official Website

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has renovated its website in accordance with its goal of digitalizing Pakistan and facilitating the residents.

The new website layout and design are just not equipped with better features, but it also makes sure that the user experience is good and beneficial. The new layout is compatible with all various kinds of mobile devices and desktops.

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The new PTA official website is just not only eye-pleasing but also provides such features that could assist the users in navigating the website easily and searching whatever they need.

In the new website design, all the relevant content is made to fall in one group resulting in saving the time and efforts of the user for searching the respective tab the user is looking for. For instance, if you want to learn about the “consumer services” then what you need to do is to just click on the ‘Consumer Support’ tab and it would, in turn, show you the subtags relevant to the main heading of customer support.

The newer version of PTA Pakistan website does not bombard the user the moment the site opens with unnecessary content like news, events and all. Such stuff is really unimportant for some users as they open the website for some specific finding. The new site now greets the users with better navigation options which could take them to the desired content they want to explore or get information or updates about.

The new website layout is user-friendly in comparison to its older version. All the known and possible questions are jumbled up under the caption of “what are you looking for?”

The user is now also provided the option of live streaming to the PTA events directly from the website from ‘Media Corner’.

The new design has categorized the content making it more visual and fewer words, which indeed is more appealing than the sites offering a lot of written stuff and less focus on the visuals.

Also, the upgraded website has sorted all the reports and information in the year wise boxes making the searching process a lot easier for the user.

The new layout also focuses more on the use of graphs and charts, this makes the user’s task of comparing the past and present performance of telecom industry in Pakistan, without the need of reading all the detailed reports.

The new design is quite impressive but its loading time is a bit slow because of all the images and flash content. However, we hope that the regulatory authorities would look into this as well and would impress us again.

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