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PTA to launch a system for blocking smuggled and stolen phones

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is all set to launch mobile Devices Identification Registration and Blocking Regulations System (DIRBS) on Thursday.

The new system DIRBS will enable PTA to completely block the phone that is stolen or smuggled across Pakistan, this will also include the devices with duplicate or non-standard identifiers.

PTA is all set to organized the launching ceremony of the system DIRBS on Thursday, PTA will also celebrate the achievement of reaching 50 million broadband users in Pakistan which has completed recently.

With increased 3G/4G services in Pakistan has cultivated the penetration and adoption of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in Pakistan. In the new system, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the device will be used to identify other identifiers to find the non-compliant devices.

With DIRBS system once its functional, PTA will start adding IMEI numbers of stolen, smuggled and counterfeit devices to the system, this will make the devices useless and the users of such phone wouldn’t be able to connect to any local mobile carriers.

Once the device is reported stolen or smuggled would be blacklisted in PTA’s database which will make the device as useful as a paperweight, the user would not be able to connect to any local networks such as Zong, Telenor, Jazz, Warid, and Ufone. This will help in curbing illegal imports of the devices as well as theft in the country. Additionally, the users would be ensured that the devices they are using are approved by PTA.

PTA is set to introduce another service in conjunction; a Device Verification System which will allow public to check their device’s legitimacy, the service would be available online on PTA’s website. Once the service is launched users would be able to check the device whether it is stolen or legit.

3G/4G users in Pakistan reached 51.248 million in February-PTA

A Device Verification System Interface provided by PTA to type approval authorized distributors for the registration and identification of IMEI displayed on the mobile device to verify the compliance, whether it meets the technical standards for IMEI devices issued by PTA, officials said.

The officials said the devices imported into the country following the regulations would be eligible for registration, and the individuals importing devices into the country for their personal use will be required to apply for certification of compliance with technical standards for IMEI devices issued by PTA as per PTA SOPs.

What Carriers and Mobile Companies have to do

According to PTA officials, all MNOs and mobile phone companies have to carry out extensive media campaigns via broadcasts and SMS in order to educate users for the requirement of mobile verification in use. The companies have to follow the procedure for verification of mobile devices that are available for sale/purchase, using PTA’s DIRBS system.