PTA starts blocking unregistered mobile phones throughout Pakistan

Today morning the country’s regulator Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started blocking unregistered mobile phones across the country.

As part of the campaign to tackle unregistered and smuggled mobile phones in the country, the authority previously extended the deadline for mobile companies, wholesalers and retailers to get their phones registered with the telecom authority in order to use them in the country.

The deadline has now ended and PTA starts a crackdown on the unregistered phone on Wednesday morning. However, the Senate Standing Committee on information technology asked the regulator to extend the deadline even further. PTA starts its crackdown on the unregistered phones despite the request by the SSC.

The users who purchased the mobile phone from the market with PTA verification sticker on the box they do not have to worry about their phones, however, people who have purchased mobile phones on the internet or an unknown Chinese brand with no PTA verification sticker on it must know that their phone is illegal and will be blocked soon. In order to get the phone unblocked the users have to pay the custom duty of 10 percent.

Only the unregistered phones that come in the country after January 15 will be affected by this decision.

Earlier, PTA had announced to block all mobile phones that have not registered their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number with PTA until October 20, PTA also extended this deadline until December 31. The regulator has developed this policy in order to strangle illegal mobile phone imports in the country that is putting a serious dent on national exchequer in terms of revenue collection.

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