PTA Renews PTCL Integrated License For 25 Years

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The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has renewed the licenses of all PTCL services for the next 25 years, effective January 1, 2021. According to a statement issued by PTA, the license is technology neutral and PTCL will be able to provide all modern communication services in 14 telecom regions across the country under the renewal license, apart from mobile service.

Licensing conditions for enhancing the quality of services (QOS) include 5% annual increase in Next Generation Access Network (NGAN) connections and bringing the quality of services up to international standards.Writing Consumer protection, helpline services, compliance with commercial agreements and other conditions are also part of the license.

The license fee will comprise 0.66% of the total annual revenue of the Licensed Paid Up Front, 0.5% in the form of the annual license fee and 2% for USF and R&D funds. For the pre-allocated WLL spectrum, PTCL will be obliged to pay at the rate of USD at this time of year. Read also: PTCL Group CEO dies of coronavirus PTCL will be able to use the allocated radio frequency spectrum by 2024. The license will ensure the security of users’ data and network security, while PTA will periodically monitor the quality of service as per the terms of the license.

PTA has posted a series of Tweets in this regard on their official Twitter handle.

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