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PTA Ranked the Most Successful Regulator in Pakistan Citizen Portal Complaint Resolution Report

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In Pakistan, PTA has been ranked as the most successful and active regulator. In terms of complainant satisfaction on Pakistan Citizen Portal, PTA is ranked the top regulator in Pakistan.

Since the inception of Pakistan Citizen Portal, PTA took action against more than 100 unlawful videos. These included action against videos on the popular social media platform TikTok.

So far the complaint resolution rate of PTA stands at 94%. This is so far the best amongst the 10 regulators that are working to address the complaints and issues of the public. PTA, in this case, surpassed other regulators that include NEPRA, OGRA, SECP, FBR, and etc.

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The Pakistan Citizen Portal has become the most effective tool in redressing public complaints with a complaint resolution rate of 91.32%. Thus, it has become the true voice of the people.

So far, a total of 1.6 million complaints were received from over 1.3 million registered members. Out of these complaints 1.55 million or 93.92% originated from in-land, 94,880 or 5.74% originated from overseas Pakistanis and 5,636 or 0.34% by the foreigners.

The data shared by the PM office reveals that out of 1,397,537 registered members of the PCP students, businessmen, engineers, civil servants, teachers are 48,349, 34,995, 33,277, 20,025, and 16,437 respectively. From the corporate sector, there are 14,579 members while from armed forces there are 9,542 members. Other than that there are 8,816 doctors, 6,841 social workers, 4,616 lawyers, 2,990 senior citizens, 2,615 political workers, 2,309 journalists, and 1,695 NGO workers.

If we look at province wise break-up, 726,133 complaints originated from Punjab, 201,177 from, 15,316 from Balochistan, and 137,946 from Sindh. From Punjab 686,283 complaints were successfully resolved. Similarly, 189,425 from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 12,931 from Balochistan, and 86,404 complaints from Sindh were resolved successfully.

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