PTA Exemption On Common IT Equipment Laptops, Tablets, Watches From Type Approval

pta exemption

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has order to exempt basic IT paraphernalia, which is commonly used in daily routine for personal and commercial purposes from type approvals.

Equipment including Personal computers (desktop, laptop), Tablets (non-SIM), Smart watches (non-SIM).

Devices that has inbuilt GSM functionality are not exempted from it, other ICT essentials like; servers, Storage devices, Network routers and switches are also exempted.

PTA has also included GPS, RFID, Bluetooth and NFC devices, PTA has announced that these devices and ICT essentials do not require NOC from PTA to import in the country however custom procedures are to be followed for their import.

PTA says, these items should not be on the approval list because it helps in promoting ICT and technology in the country, the list will clear the doubts at all stakeholders level including; customers, importers and distributors.

PTA still has many restrictions on the devices that are GSM or SIM enabled, there should be a mechanism to curb the security issues in such devices and allow users to import them, which could truly facilitate small and large organization in ICT promotion.

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