PTA Contributed Rs. 1.707 Trillion In Pakistan's Economy In 4 Years – Research Snipers

PTA Contributed Rs. 1.707 Trillion In Pakistan’s Economy In 4 Years

The contributions by PTA in national exchequer have been Rs 1.707 trillion in past four years.

As per statistics and documents in the fiscal year 2013-14, Rs 96.484 billion were added while in 2014-15 Rs 7.017 billion was contributed in national exchequer. Coming to the fiscal year 2015- 16 Rs 34.112 billion were included while in 2016-17 fiscal year Rs 33.127 billion was added in national exchequer

The indicators of telecom industry show that total broadband subscribers in June 2015 were
3.95 million while in October 2015 the reached to 23.2 million.

The main broadband technologies in Pakistan were mobile broadband, DSL, EvDO and WiMaz having 86.5%, 6.7%, 5.5% and 1% respectively.

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These have placed than Rs 370 billion in national exchequer while $ 2.7 billion was invested by telecom industry in past two fiscal years.

The document also stated that 1.8 billion FDI arrival was attracted, which is in harmony with $ 550.9 million net FDI during previous two fiscal years.

Auctions by NGMS made most of the FDI that carried the US $965 million in Pakistan out of which
$ 147.5 million plus has to be paid in installments in upcoming five years.