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PTA Confirms Telenor Suspension News Fake

Telenor suspension

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority—PTA on Monday has issued a clarification about a notification making rounds on social media that indicates that PTA has suspended the operation of Telenor in Pakistan.

As per a statement, the PTA said that the public should avoid sharing the notification, as it was not from the PTA and was fabricated and misguiding.

The statement further added that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is fully aware of the false advertisement being circulated through WhatsApp chat groups for the users of mobile operators. It further clarified that the aforementioned advertisement is not real.

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The authority said that the public is advised to always check and recheck such news with the official information sources like the website of PTA or its social media handles on Twitter and Facebook for the most recent news or updates.

Although the government of Norway has distanced itself from the occurrence, a far-right rally by a group called “Stop the Islamisation of Norway” (SION) has defined the image of Norway on the Pakistani Twitter. Social media users called for the Norwegian government to apologize for the incident and lauded the Lebanese-Norwegian who stopped one of the organizers from the burning of the religious scriptures.

Some users went ahead and proposed to place a ban on the Norwegian telecommunications cooperate—Telenor.

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