PTA Collaborates with COMSATS to launch a project for female students

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) collaborates with COMSATS internet services provider and Internet Society (ISOC) Asia-Pacific Bureau in order to provide online interactive remote education. The project will provide online education to 6th Grade Girls High School in rural Multan as part of a pilot project.

The pilot project will provide free of cost extra academic material for students which would be different from their regular course textbooks. The project will provide students with unique learning experience.

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PTA has also hired TeleTaleem a well-known distance learning provider in order to deliver real time online lectures including Science, Mathematics and English by connecting an interactive classroom based in Islamabad.

The online learning project is focused on delivering content consists of more activities, alternative teaching techniques and conceptual approach and online resources.

According to Chairman PTA, the government of Pakistan has been supporting the ideas that are based on innovative technologies. Internet is the cornerstone of social-economic development in the future; the project is introduced, so the young girls can make use of the internet more efficiently.

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