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PSO Suspended PIA’s Fuel Supply Over Non-Payment of Dues

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has stopped the supply of JP1 airplane fuel once again to the Pakistan International Airline (PIA). As per reports, this disruption is done because of the non-payment of dues.

The fuel supply is terminated temporarily until the dues are cleared. As per sources, PIA did not pay their dues for an entire week violating the agreement between the two organizations.

The official said that the national carrier bought approximately five hundred and thirty tons of JP1 from the PSO and for that purchase, it owes a number of Rupees three hundred and forty million to the oil firm for the daily purchase of fuel.

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Because of non-payment for an entire week PIA now owes an amount of about Rupees 2.38 billion.

PIA spokesperson confirmed that the oil company has suspended the fuel supply and because of these constrictions, a couple of flights were also delayed including PK-306 and PK-370.

The spokesperson further added that after the discussions of higher authorities, the supply has been restored by PSO.

PIA has assured complete clearance of dues by Thursday evening.

PSO was forced to take this decision to facilitate the passengers of PIA, by restoring the fuel supply. Otherwise, people having scheduled flights would have suffered. As per the government Pakistan International Airlines would be paying the current dues by Thursday evening.

PIA is a significant purchaser of fuel JP1 from Pakistan State Oil and this is not the first time that such non-payment issue is faced by PSO from PIA, the airline has before too witnessed the suspension of fuel supply because of non-payment. This is a repeatedly occurring issue.

The total outstanding dues of PIA have piled up to an amount of Rupees 15.80 billion.

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