PSO Recorded a Profit of Rs. 9.5 Billion for FY21

PSO reported a profit of Rs. 9.5 billion for FY21 (so far), showing a growth of 48% YoY.

The Pakistan State Oil (PSO) reported a profit of Rs. 9.5 billion for the first half of FY21. According to PSO, it is an increase of 48% compared to the previous year’s reported profit.

According to the report, Pakistan State Oil strengthened its status as the market leader and exceeded the industry. The company recorded a tremendous volumetric growth of 13.3% in liquid fuels with a market share of 46.4%.

According to information, Mogas sales observed a volumetric growth of 14.2%, with a market share of 41.1%.

Likewise, Hi-Cetane Diesel also registered a volumetric growth of 19.5% with a market share of 47.6%.

It is further said that White Oil volumes grew by 10.1%, with a market share of 45.1%. On the other hand, Black Oil volumes also grew by 27.8%.

PSO is also leading the sustainable energy revolution in the country. The state oil company has become the first OMC to upgrade Pakistan’s fuel standard from Euro 2 to Euro 5 and launched Hi-Octane 97, Mogas and Hi-Cetane Diesel accordingly.

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